Friday, July 29, 2016

Little Amber Loved Sports

Amber Campbell-Hammer Throw
Published by Amber CampbellJuly 20 at 2:04pm
“Growing up in a small town in New Mexico, I always loved sports, it's always been my passion and kinda my outlet. I was always the chubby girl growing up and I really didn’t feel normal, my 'normal' was being able to compete."
- Amber Campbell
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Amber Campbell Day Friday August 5th!!!!

Myrtle Beach City Government
August 5 is “Amber Campbell Day” in the City of Myrtle Beach….
The Myrtle Beach City Council this week declared Friday, August 5, as “Amber Campbell Day,” in honor of this area’s three-time Olympian, Amber Campbell. A CCU graduate and local resident, Amber is participating in the XXXI Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, beginning August 5.
This is her third Olympic appearance, competing in the hammer throw. Amber recently won the 2016 Olympic Trials with a personal-best hammer throw of more than 240 feet, making her an Olympic medal contender for the 2016 Summer Games. Go Amber!
While at Coastal Carolina University, Amber was the Big South Conference Women’s Track Athlete of the Year her last three seasons. She won 16 individual conference titles and was a five-time NCAA All-American in the hammer and weight throws. Amber graduated in 2004 with a B.A. in Psychology.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Open Letter to all Friends and Family

Hello Friends, Family, and Fans of Team Amber Campbell! 

The Road to Rio is a fast approaching for our Champion, Ms. Amber Campbell.  

With all certainty, Amber Campbell, is the embodiment of the term “Hard work pays off.” Amber was born in Cincinnati, raised in New Mexico, and is a proud graduate of Pike High School in Indianapolis.  Amber has carried a drive in herself to be “The Best” since a young girl, she has worked tirelessly to reach her highest potential at every endeavor, including her academic achievements, as well as athletics.

Amber's dedication and strong work ethic is a true testament to her spirit, these same characteristics have allowed her to excel from a good collegiate thrower to an elite level professional Hammer thrower. 

Over the years, Amber has developed her craft and currently stands as one of the best throwers in the country. 

Amber’s achievements span over a decade which include: 

• 16-time Big South Conference Champion, 
• 5-time NCAA All-American, 
• 3-time Big South Conference Athlete of the Year, 
• inducted into the Coastal Carolina Hall of Fame.
• 5-time USA World Championship Team Member 

These distinguished honors are only superseded by her 3 consecutive selections to the United States Olympic Team, where she had the honor and duty of representing our country. 

If you haven’t heard that on July 6, 2016 “Our Champion” won the 2016 Olympic Trials and achieved a personal best throw of over 240 feet! Amber will be a medal contender for the 2016 Summer Olympics’ in Rio representing Team USA!

With that said, Team Campbell is asking for your financial support to help her on journey on The Road to Rio and to see the dream of Olympic Gold granted to our deserving champion, Ms. Amber Campbell. Team Campbell will be in Rio to help provide the support that is necessary to assist Amber, while Amber focuses on going for the Gold and bringing a victory medal back to all of us, our goal is to assist her in offsetting Olympic expenses.

Join us in assisting “Our Champion” with this once in a lifetime dream- Your support in the form of a monetary donation in any denomination will be greatly appreciated!

We are excited to see Amber represent Team USA, our communities and her family in Rio. 

Amber and Team Campbell are grateful for this blessing and every contribution. 

Thank you in advance – you are appreciated. 

Team Campbell

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Jamaica Too Hot for Shoes

So last weekends competition was a BLOWOUT!!!! No seriously Amber goes so hard in competition she blewout here shoes.  Lesson learned. On to the next meet with 2 count'em 2 pairs of shoes and gloves. All eyes on the next meet. Come on Jam's!!!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Team Campbell is mounting up a British Invasion

Tomorrow Amber and her Coaches leave for London.  We pray for safe travels and no stress.  I give her props because she does put in the work.  She is always a Gold Medalist in out hearts and minds.  Essence.Com named her one of the Sisters to Watch in the Olympics and she graced the cover of the sports page in a little town named Attleboro in Massachusetts.  It is your time now little Sister.  You have all the skills the desire and the knowledge that thru God all things are possible.  THROW LONG THROW STRONG!!! TEAM CAMPBELL!!!!

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Throws Information

Throwing formats
In Olympic throwing events -- men's and women's shot put, discus, hammer and javelin -- the competition begins with a qualifying round in which the entire field is divided into two or more groups. In this round, competitors take turns attempting to reach a pre-set distance that automatically advances them to the final. If fewer than 12 athletes meet the distance required from direct qualification, the 12 competitors with the best throws, plus any athletes tying for 12th, advance to the final. In the final round, competitors take turns until each has attempted three throws. At this point, the top eight-ranked competitors (plus ties) receive three more throws. The best throw of the six is counted and the athlete with the longest throw is declared the winner. In case of a tie, the second-best throw is consulted.

Amber In her MJOLNIR Armor

Amber In her MJOLNIR Armor
Amber takes Gold at the Indoor Nationals

Olympic Trials 2008

Celebrating with the Campbell's

Indoor Championship 2009