Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cork, Ireland

Let me first say Ireland is beautiful, and the people are super friendly! I'm staying at a great place called Edenhall @ The Village. We have these cute little suite style rooms with private bathrooms (bonus)! The track was located really close to our accommodations, so it was very convenient. A big thank you to all of the staff who made my stay and this event so warm and welcoming! And a special shout out to my girl Tianna Madison for fixing my computer so I can not die from boredom...check out her blog too at:

The competition today on paper was not at all what I had planned in my head. The original plan was to open up with a solid mark, and then let loose and see just how far I could get my hammer to fly. What happened in reality was a foul on my first throw that was indeed solid at about 68-70m, but the official said I stepped on top of the ring. Ok, I see how this day is going to shape up so being cautious I wasn't as aggressive as I wanted to be. With a few more foot fouls that flew well and safety throws, I finished in second place. But its a good warm up for the meet in Reims, France on Tuesday.

Yesterday on Facebook I posted an inspiring link from featuring my friend Olympian Shot Putter Michelle Carter. It talked about competing to win, instead of competing to just not lose. About the battle that we as athletes go through between striving toward our best and fighting off self doubt and second guessing ourselves. That article really spoke to me because in a season where I'm building on new and better technique, I've had some inconsistencies. I've had some really good days, and some really bad days, but the key is to stay focused and know that I'm getting better with each new experience. I know that in order to reach Olympic Gold, I have to remain strong and committed to my goal. Everyday and every competition is a new chance to do something I've never done before.

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