Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bronze Baby!!!!

Its the morning after I've thrown, and all the hoopla has calmed down, but I'm still smiling ear to ear! This wasn't the smoothest competition I've ever had, or even the most consistant, but so far its the sweetest! My first Pan American Championship and I earned a bronze medal, wow! After the competition I was told that this was the first Pan Am medal in my event since 1999, cool huh? I'm so thankful for this medal because this has been a rough year for me. I didn't achieve everything I wanted to, but the journey is far from over. This is a great start to the Olympic year! So for everyone who missed it on ESPN yesterday, my cousin Vanessa recorded it and posted it to facebook, Thanks Cuz!!! Here's the link and I hope it works.


Thanks for everything, and from here until the Games we'll be "Looking Toward London"!

Love and Blessings,

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In Olympic throwing events -- men's and women's shot put, discus, hammer and javelin -- the competition begins with a qualifying round in which the entire field is divided into two or more groups. In this round, competitors take turns attempting to reach a pre-set distance that automatically advances them to the final. If fewer than 12 athletes meet the distance required from direct qualification, the 12 competitors with the best throws, plus any athletes tying for 12th, advance to the final. In the final round, competitors take turns until each has attempted three throws. At this point, the top eight-ranked competitors (plus ties) receive three more throws. The best throw of the six is counted and the athlete with the longest throw is declared the winner. In case of a tie, the second-best throw is consulted.

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Amber In her MJOLNIR Armor
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