Sunday, May 22, 2011

Word Up from Brazil

Just wanted to let you know how I did today. I placed 5th again at 68.83m. Felt better than the last meet, so I'm building into my big throw for the big meet on the 26th in Rio. Chasing Yipsi Moreno of Cuba, Jenny Dalgren from Argentina, and Sultan Frizel from Canada...they all beat me at both meets but not by much. I just gotta relax and do me! When I get into the rhythm of my throw, i don't have anything to worry about cuz I know its going to fly. I just have to do what I do.
Thanks to everybody for their support. I'm having a great time, and gaining some invaluable experiece. Rio is the big hammer challenge meet and big things are coming! its in portuguese, but just google translate it on your pc. To see the results. Meet on Tuesday was in Uberlandia, today was Sao Paulo and next meet is in Rio!!!!!

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Jay McSwaggins said...

Congrats sis I know you was down there putting in work and I hope you took LOTS of pictures for dave.. yea dave.. Love you gurl get at me ..

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